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Emergency Contacts in Antigua Guatemala




These are the emergency contact phone numbers if dialing from Guatemala. Most of these Telephone numbers save lives, please avoid making prank or unnecessary calls. Use them wisely!. If you dial from the United States you have to dial first 011 and then the area code (502) and then the phone number you want to reach to.

INGUAT (Tourist Assistance phone number) 1500
Volunteer Fire Department 7832-0234
City Hall Fire Department 123
National Police Department 120
Confidential Accusation 110
Red Cross 125
Ambulance of the Guatemala’s National Institute for Social Security 128
National Coordinator to Minimize Disasters 119
Department of Migration 2360-8544
Department of Protection and Security on the Road 125


If you need any assistance in tours or hotels or travel options you can contact us:
US Phone Number: 407-371-3039
Guatemalan Phone Number: (502) 6644-0999


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PBX: (502) 6644-0999
US Phone Number

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