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Activities in Antigua Guatemala

Discover all the activities and things to do in Antigua Guatemala. This place offers a great diversity of activities to do with friends, family or with your loved one.

Bar and Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Directories and Travel Information of Guatemala

Around Antigua Directory of Antigua Guatemala Hotels, Restaurants, Dining, Travel Options, Tours in Antigua Guatemala, Spanish Schools. Emergency directory and Travel Tips.

Easter Week in Guatemala

This is an event worthy of seeing; it is a grandiose homage to Jesus’ image and its ‘via-crusis’ that is reflected in the ‘procesiones’ (processions) with images made artistically by Guatemalan artisans.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City brings you a diversity of activities, shopping and nightlife.

Guatemalan Culture

You can learn from our culture bit by bit. You can have great experience while you travel to Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala meeting people from our country.

Guatemalan Food

In Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala you can find different types of food, but we recommend you don't go without tasting the delicious traditional Guatemalan Food.

Guatemalan Handicrafts

Guatemala has an overwhelming variety of handicrafts—most especially weavings and fabrics from the Highlands in a rainbow of colors.

History of Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala

Learn about Antigua Guatemala and the Guatemalan History.

Hotels and hostels in Antigua Guatemala

Nightlife in Antigua Guatemala

Discover the best of Antigua Guatemala nightlife.

Spanish Classes in Guatemala

If you want to learn a new language you can lear Spanish and Study in a Spanish School or Spanish Academy in Antigua Guatemala.

Volunteering in Antigua Guatemala

Search volunteer opportunities in Antigua Guatemala . Guatemala is the perfect place to do volunteering. Use your energy to inspire the ones that need you the most. Usefull guide to volunteer in Guatemala .

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